Deadline for submissions: 20th May 2022

Please provide an abstract of your participation by following the guidelines below.
The abstract will be used as a basis for acceptance of your participation at the International Science Day event.

Name, title, organisation, contact details of the participant.
Title of the delivery
Conference topic/s concerned:
● STEAM Based Learning in primary school education
● Teacher Qualifications and Courses for STEAM
● Policies and Practices in STEAM Based Learning
● Empowering Girls in STEAM Based Learning
● Enhancing STEM skills through the Arts
● Positive and enabling environments in primary school education
● Values education for young learners
● Development from the child’s perspective
● Nurturing creativity of young learners with STEAM
● Evaluation of classwork and learning outcomes in STEAM Based Learning

Short professional CV of the participant
Type of the input:
● workshop (30 min. or 45 min.)
● oral presentation (20 min.)
● poster presentation

● Abstracts should be written in English
● The length of the abstract should be no longer than 300 words, i.e. about 2,000 characters including spaces and names of participants, affiliations, links to STEAM projects, etc.

Please use this link to submit your abstract.

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Any questions regarding the preparation and submission of the abstract should be sent to the same e-mail address: