International Science Day
Shape The Future: Student-Led STEAM Learning for Career Pathways and Gender-Equitable Empowerment
is organised within the framework of the project
Inspiring Next Generation of Girls through Inclusive STEAM Learning in Primary Education (IN2STEAM)

The last 5 years have seen a decline of interest in STEM subjects, despite the increasing demand for STEM skills to keep Europe’s knowledge economy growing and to develop a future generation of innovators needed for the 21st Century (EU Schoolnet). Underrepresentation of women in STEM is highlighted by the fact that almost 60% of graduates are women, but women account for less than 33% of scientists/engineers. Factors are connected to the ways in which science subjects are taught, their influence and motivation on student’s attitude towards science education. The EU highlights a need for cross-discipline learning and partnerships as well as the acquisition of basic skills and new methodologies based on learning motivation and experimentation in STEM. Cross-sectorial approaches that incorporate the arts and other disciplines into the more-familiar STEM model can facilitate the engagement and the creativity of young girls in STEM fields.

Recognising this need, IN2STEAM aims to enhance, encourage and foster an innovative educational approach that integrates STEAM learning (i.e. applying art + design principles to science education) in primary education, through gender-inclusive methods and resources to promote a positive change of attitudes towards non–stereotyping choices in education and, as a result, attract more girls into STEM fields. As a 21st Century education strategy, the project aims to increase children’s basic skills in STEAM (such as creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving) and the competence development of teachers to effectively teach interdisciplinary art and science concepts, using a real-world context to foster more creative and collaborative learning environments in primary schools. To measure the impact on children, especially young girls, using the IN2STEAM tested approach, an effective assessment behavioural change model (B.A.M) has been created by the partnership.
The International Science Day “Shape The Future: Student-Led STEAM Learning for Career Pathways and Gender-Equitable Empowerment ” aims to present the project outcomes and tools at an international conference attended by a variety of stakeholders from the education sector.

The event will be hosted by Istanbul Bilgi University and coordinated by ITU ETA Vakfı Doğa Schools.

International Day of Science Conference Date and Venue

Saturday, June 4, 2022, Istanbul Bilgi University SantralIstanbul Campus

Safetytepe, Kazım Karabekir Cd. No:2/20, 34060
Eyupsultan/Istanbul TURKEY

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